Friday, December 09, 2011

GOP State Representative Beats Mentally Disabled Son, Kicks Him In Ribs Outside Restaurant

Wow...another Republican finds a sensible way to eliminate autism and disabled people (even family).  Just kick them, beat them, humiliate them in public. Works every time...except this time. What is wrong with people *my non-political discrimination language* when they beat their disabled kids.

Oh wait, I forgot! Republicans do endorse inequality for all except fellow rich ones, favor humiliation and jail for those who are too poor or unable to defend themselves, and definitely don't like other people interfering with their "Christian" family values. Values strictly based, of course, upon the literal translation of some Bible they alone possess and not generally available to the public. One that does allow discrimination, bullying, the raising of the rich to super elite status, and of course, does not in any way provide for ANY accountability for their actions.

As the saying goes, "Balls to the walls boys!" Time to kick these bullying, bible-thumping assholes to the curb! Times...they are a changing...and we the poor, oppressed, bullied, disabled and unequal will not take this twisted style of management any longer.

*small print*    Please note: If I have offended anyone, please feel free to leave a comment telling me so I can block your ass from doing so in the future. No comment (the 5th - remember? It used to be a constitutional right until the GOP came along and stripped it away for the lower class.)

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