Friday, October 15, 2010

US government attempts to block judge's DADT decision -

US government attempts to block judge's DADT decision -

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  1. I've tried to back President Obama and justify his decisions to others since he became president, but this has finally caused me to change my mind. I don't believe that he has the backbone to accomplish anything in his term. He made a lot of promises during his campaigning that have not come to fruition, and to his credit that may be due to the GOP's idiotic and childish refusal to cooperate in any way with Obama's administration on any level. First he say's he will overturn this policy, then when it is, he want's it back but say's he'll overturn it? What the heck. It seems like it's been this way with just about every campaign promise and we're worse off as a country. But I also believe that as president, he really has little control over what really happens without the money people on his side, which I happen to believe are mostly Republican or funding them and special interests for their own benefit. Our country is being run by the top 2-4% of the richest people no matter what their position is and the rest of us are at their mercy. Face it-money talks and it is the root of all evil.


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