Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Punching, Burning, Electrocuting And Stabbing Your Gay Son Will Probably Not Make Him Straight / Queerty

From queerty.com is this tragic, but very important article about the theory that homosexuals can be "converted" to straight. This is a true story of torture, emotional and physical abuse fostered on their son by Southern Baptist missionary parents. Samuel Brinton, now a student at KSU, was the unfortunate and sad son of a Bapatist minister who, upon discovering that his son Sam might like boys instead of girls, subjected him to electric shock therapy by sticking needles in his fingers and then shocking him when he was forced to look at gay porn and other inhumane trials.

Sam, an incredible and shining example of the forgiveness that his parents ought to have shown him, has in return tried to repair the relationship with his family. His father has threatened to shoot him if he tries to contact the family or any of his siblings. This is such as sad story revolving around the idea that gays can be "converted" and that being gay is a choice.

Sam has his story here at ImFromDriftwood where he shares his story with many others in celebration of National Coming Out Day.

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