Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Palin’s kids use homophobic insult on Facebook -

Palin’s kids use homophobic insult on Facebook -

This still goes right back to the parents, again. Sarah Palin is responsible for what her kids are saying on FaceBook if they are living in her house. and if they aren't then she didn't do a very good job of raising them. What kind of language is that to be used by a young girl on the internet. Obviously she doesn't understand that it will follow her to college, her first job, etc. Maybe mom won't always be there to cover up for her and she'll have to be accountable for her own actions and what she says to others. On the face of this incident, she appears to be a bully, and while there are two sides to a story, she has no business in her high profile family saying anything like that on the internet, especially when the firt response is to relate it to a "gay" issue. The show should be boycotted and taken off the air!

Good job Willow...maybe someone will dare to hold you accountable for this because you obviously have no idea how many kids you may have hurt by your inconsiderate, spiteful words sent out into cyberspace and your mother should be held just as responsible as you for not monitoring your FaceBook Account and stopping you from posting such hateful and spiteful language!

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