Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gay teen suicide case probed -

I hope this case is taken seriously for a change by some who can and will make some changes at least this school district. This 13 year old teenage suffered too much and so did his family...unfortunately a scene too many families have had to endure at the hands of homophobic authorities and uneducated individuals in authority who pass bullying along as a "rite of passage" between kids. 

I really hate to even think of this or even say it, but I wonder sometime what would change if a few of those individuals had to go and cut down one of these kids hanging from a bed, or pick up a teenager who chose to end his or her life with a gun. Maybe something would sink in if they felt the accountability of their actions...I don't know. Then again, a lot of kids these days don't seem to care about much of anything as long as it's not them being bullied, picked on, or whatever it may be. 

I have personal experience with all aspects of this and all I know is that we have to keep up the struggle to educate the kids, adults, authorities, even people in power at the highest level of government. 

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