Thursday, January 06, 2011

I recently blogged about this guy (Wednesday, 25 Jan 11) a County Commissioner in S. Carolina who stated publicly that gays are "Sexual predators." From came this recent happy note:

"Because of you, we just scored an important victory for equality and now we’re going to win another. 

After 28,024 members flooded the email accounts of Mecklenburg County Commissioners in North Carolina, they passed a strong resolution late last night condemning anti-gay bias and affirming diversity and inclusion. This controversial resolution passed after Commissioner Bill James used his office to call gay people 'sexual predators' and homosexuality a "crime against nature."
The "win another" referred to above is the support that a food chain called "Chick-fil-A" gives in dollars to organizations such as PFI. The Pennsylvania Family Institute (PFI) has been the leading voice in the Keystone State against same-sex marriage. They have argued for a constitutional amendment banning gay couples from getting married. They’ve said that same-sex couples harm civilization. They’ve even stated that for same-sex couples to consider themselves married would be like a dog considering its tail a leg.

The real issue here is not that a fast food restaurant is backing an organization with a contribution, the "behind the scenes" problem is that at the corporate level of one of the fastest growing fast food chains in the country is using a storefront to promote an agenda against the gay community. Either they should sell hamburgers or"come out of the closet" and call themselves what they really are, a right-wing, well funded (from where?) political group with an agenda to promote anti-gay rights. Let them know how you feel buy sending in your opinion below.

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