Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wash Times’ Robert Knight: Gay Marriage, Not Budget Crisis, is America’s Biggest Problem | Gay News from Gay Agenda -

Here's another idiot that thinks gay rights and same-sex marriage are eroding the "institution of marriage." I totally believe that there always has to be an opposite of anything to make something stand out (e.g Day/night; Yin & Yang, etc.), but people like Mr. Knight of the Family Research Council (FRC) are so far out there with their extremism and media campaigns that they eventually turn everything into total darkness. An interview on the CBS Early Show with Bryant Gumbel on Monday, July 29th shows the idiocy of his extremism when it comes to just about any subject, including gay rights. During the show Gumbel fought and talked over Knight, and when the interview was over, "Gumbel subtly made a face. Then he turned the show over to weatherman Mark McEwen. When McEwen gestured back at Gumbel, the camera revealed Gumbel shaking his head, saying what clearly looks like 'What a f***ing idiot.' (The last two words are inaudible.)"

The same day Knight was also shut off when producers asked for him to appear on their edition of the daily Sam Donaldson Internet program. LAMBDA refused to appear with him in a scheduled interview with James Dale [the gay man who sued the Boy Scouts with Lambda]. Seems as though Mr. Knight and the FRC may be alone at the moment when it comes to getting an interview on a few TV stations.

May he rest in peace...

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