Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Daily Kos: House Republicans ignore jobs bill while tripling funding for defense of anti-gay legislation

Once again the House Republicans are showing their true colors. They have voted to increase their legal defense of DOMA by one (1) million dollars to a firm of attorneys (probably friends) and refuse to discuss the creation of jobs in America. This is out and out war on the LGBTQ community, an outright illogical move, and shows the true side of what the GOP is all about. Misdirection, lies, ignorance, and lack of care about the 98% of Americans that need help the most.

Apparently they don't read the media they so love to control that is saying that America is in trouble economically and every other way. They would rather divert money to fighting a dead battle and their rich cronies while demanding cuts from social services to the needy to pay for it.

Once again I say to the people, WAKE UP! If you don't get involved soon the rights you think you have will not exist any longer and we will be ruled by a small group of people who will command when you live and when you die!

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