Tuesday, October 11, 2011

GOP Senators Kill Obama Jobs Bill as Boston Protestors are Arrested!

The fact that the Republican led Senate has killed President Obama's Job Bill comes as no surprise. Their hypocritical methods of politics once again shine brightly as they will most likely attempt to split up the bill, piece by piece, and then drown those in politics and filibusters.

They (Wall Street...aka the 1%) are not concerned about us, the other 99%, having to survive in this failing economy. No, the Republican Agenda of "Just Say NO" to anything Democrats propose is more concerned about gaining complete control of this country through their devious, misleading lies and Koch-backed political manipulation. It doesn't make any difference what the current administration proposes to get the economy going again, Republicans are going to vote against it, even though many of Obama's proposals are the very same ones that Republicans have previously proposed themselves as being the solution.

Is it any wonder that this country now has more than 200 cities involved in non-violent protest uprisings against the "1%" and Wall Street?

Speaking of that, apparently in Boston, where the Veterans for Peace were camped out in in the Rose Fitzgerald Greenway this morning, were dispersed and about 100 of them arrested by the Boston Police as the police commissions looked on. Other cities have reported the same actions being taken against them by the police, but no matter how hard they try the growing social movement around the country to change the direction we are going in is not going away and will not stop until change is made. I guess it remains unclear what that change will be however.

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