Thursday, November 10, 2011

As reported by WPRI News of Rhode Island, only 14 same-sex couples have opted for the civil union while roughly 600 have either gone, or moved out of state to be married in other states that have legislated full marriage privileges. According to an UCLA study , it predicts Rhode Island would make $1.2 million over three years if the state legalized same-sex marriage. That's a considerable amount of revenue being lost to a state that really could use it.

Of course, opponents of such a law say that revenue generated by allowing same-sex marriage would not be a long term revenue source and would, ultimately (wait  for it...) contribute to the breakup of traditional families (wow...what a surprise response from NOM.) Ironic that the one side for, can produce statistics and numbers, while the other replies with conjecture and speculation. Hmmm...anyway, here's the video of one of the weddings performed in the competing state of Massachusetts.

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