Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Who's Messing with my Facebook?

Since most of us can remember, we have received our information from either television, radio or paper. However, since the advent of the internet and social networking, most of us now receive our information, true or false, through our social contacts and the information shared via such sites as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and several other mainstream sources. The upside of such networking is the ability, with the press of a key, to send information out into the world for all to see. The downside is that making ourselves so transparent in this age of technology leaves the door open for misuse of information, the spreading of false information, and the ability to interrupt the transmission of information by the companies who control access to that information.

As we speak legislators are considering, behind closed doors but with the advice of large corporations, agencies and other right-wing sources and no from the '99%') to limit, restrict and eavesdrop on our posts and comments. We seem to have no say in this legislation and are most likely, not going to like the results.

But on another front, we are already seeing the influence of political, governmental and corporate control as they control our posts and comments on Facebook, deleting them, posting distracting comments, and spamming our pages with false information. All this tends to accomplish one thing - it creates distrust of information - the obvious goal of our "owners". Yes, our owners, the people who really run this country, tell us what to think, what to do, what to say, and control our economy and lives to the point that there no longer exists the "American Dream" that so many people hope for.

Recently there have been a rash of viruses unleashed on Facebook that have the potential to wipe out a hard drive or disable a computer within seconds should one click on the links they provide. I firmly believe that this sudden rash of misinformation and destructive posting is not the work of "hackers" out for some fun, but the deliberate and malicious attempt by our owners, those who control us, to disrupt and destroy the unstoppable flow of information that contradicts their ideologies and contributes to their loss of control over our lives. Hackers usually place viruses and other software bits online to perform a certain destructive function for a clear purpose. These posts, not able to be seen on the users profile wall, are precise, directed at those who are the most vocal about current issues and providing correct information versus the information fed to us by the right-wing establishment on FOX and other media sources.

One thing is for certain...the quality and quantity of correct information is being subverted by, as of this moment, unknown sources that have no apparent interest in making their demands or needs known. This is the scarey part of this new, devious movement. At some point, given enough misinformation, the serfs will no longer know what to believe except for what their owners tell them and the sheep will be led to slaughter with a smile on their face.

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