Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Bret Easton Ellis To Bullied Kids: Get Over It | Out Magazine

"Man Up," says the author of 'American Psycho.'

It's just that simple according to this asshole who says he was bullied when younger. Bah! He's the bully and his rants and raves on Twitter show how much he knows about the subject. Why do all the wrong people get the right coverage? *thinking to myself - that's just what I'm doing here!*

People like Bret Easton are in this for the money and the fame. Maybe he should hang out - or get married to - a recent Kardashian from the same school of thinking. Obviously he knows nothing about what it feels like to be bullied. So I'm not even going to post a picture or go any farther...he doesn't deserve another mention!

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