Monday, December 05, 2011

Students Suspended in Rodemeyer Suicide

Jamey Rodenmeyer September 18, 2011
As we have followed the sad story of Jamey Rodenmeyer, the 14 year old student who took his own life in September after posting an "It Gets Better" video, recent developments in his suicide resulting from bullying were made public following a rather long police investigation. Essentially police are not prosecuting any students who purportedly bullied Jamey, leading to his death. Only after a large public outcry of injustice and coverup by the school and police has it come to light that several students have been suspended.

While they have not been named due to their age, the suspensions seem rather trivial and show a lack of accountability on the part of police, school administrators, and others involved in determining where to place blame.

As seems usual with cases involving teen suicide resulting from bullying, this is just another example of how far we have NOT come in dealing with educating the right people about bullying, and have not learned to recognize the signs of those who cry in the nighttime, but suffer in the daylight.

We MUST keep pressing, keep writing, keep pushing until this monster is gone from our midst. Young people that we have lost to this terrible disease of ignorance and hatred must not be forgotten and their deaths not in vain.

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